This week I have really been watching a lot of fun sports. Mainly football and basketball, I love to watch the athletes play because they put so much heart and soul into the game they love. My favorite teams in the NBA are the Clippers and Lakers. I am an L.A. native so I enjoy rooting for them and going to the games. Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin are my favorite players to watch and are my idols. Football on the other hand, is only once a week, but I spend my Sunday afternoons with  my eyes glued to my television. I always hope that the Cowboys and Vikings do well when they play and I have a great time whenever it is a close game. All in all, I am entertained while my favorite teams are winning, but even if they lose, you must go through thick and thin as fans. What is your favorite sports players and teams?


Reach for the Stars

Stars and planets have always intrigued me. I love how we as humans still have a bunch of questions about it, so we can guess what happens outside of Earth which makes all of the fun. I went to Astrocamp in 6th grade which is a place in California where you learn all about the stars and planets. I learned so much in just three days then I ever did before about this unique topic. This really made me think about what is in space that we haven’t discovered yet. I believe that there is extra terrestrial life somewhere because once planet out of billions cannot be the only place that there is life. Also, I believe the the “aliens” are searching for us and that we are “aliens” to them. I do not plan on being an astronaut even though that it seems like a lot of fun, I  am not into the training and preparation because it looks nauseating and I cannot handle all of that. Even though going up to space is not in my future, I enjoy learning and exploring astronomy.

Favorite Time with Family

Once I was coming home from camp, and my mom surprised me with a trip to Hawaii with my brother and grandmother. It was going to be a ten day trip to Honolulu to just relax for the first time in a long time. It was a bunch of fun going in the ocean and staying up late. Also, the food was delicious and there were fireworks every night. My brother and I really had some bonding time while also connecting with my grandmother and mom. All in all, this was a much needed vacation and it was a time that I  will never forget.HNL_01

Passing Away

When I was eight my dog passed away. Chloe was a wonderful dog who was crippled and passed at the age of 12. She lived a really wonderful life and always made me happy. I would walk her down the street and she would walk at her own pase. She always had a smile on her face and I miss her very much. I currently have four dogs, but none of them can replace Chloe. I love you Chloe and rest in peace. ScoodleIMG01951

Relative Post

For this post I interviewed my brother about my mom.

What is your favorite thing that mom does for us?

-Cooking our meals and doing our laundry.

What is the most memorable thing she has ever said to her?

-How she lived through the Northridge Earthquake.

What has mom done that inspires you?

-Her love for all animals and people.

How do you show your love to her?Kaiser Permanente Building - Northridge Earthquake

-I try to hug her and thank her whenever possible


Foods Popular In America

One popular food found in America is pizza although it first came from Italy, the U.S. has really embraced it as one that is associated with them. Pizza is found in restaurants, on the streets, in houses and pretty much anywhere you think. Pizza is delicious because they have a variety of toppings, and flavors. Also, there are so many different ways to get pizza form take out, delivery and pick up. All in all, when you think American foods, pizza pops up.

Looking at other blogs.

These were all great posts!

Max’s A-Z Poem

I am athletic, and love to play basketball and just chill with my dogs. I am very energetic and funny, but I am generous when I give back. I bring happiness to my friends, but I know I am imperfect and try to give everyone joy in life. I try to act kind to a person I may be meeting for the first time. Laughing, making memories and noise, and being overly giggly are all activities that I like to do over the weekend. I bring a certain passion with the quick thinking and I.Q. that comes with basketball. I also love to relax and  start new trends during the school year because it is very unpredictable. Also, I am very wacky but must be xenodochial to every new person  because I haven’t had the chance to meet them. I am not a yucky  person but I am zany.

Listen to my Thoughts

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