Reach for the Stars

Stars and planets have always intrigued me. I love how we as humans still have a bunch of questions about it, so we can guess what happens outside of Earth which makes all of the fun. I went to Astrocamp in 6th grade which is a place in California where you learn all about the stars and planets. I learned so much in just three days then I ever did before about this unique topic. This really made me think about what is in space that we haven’t discovered yet. I believe that there is extra terrestrial life somewhere because once planet out of billions cannot be the only place that there is life. Also, I believe the the “aliens” are searching for us and that we are “aliens” to them. I do not plan on being an astronaut even though that it seems like a lot of fun, I ¬†am not into the training and preparation because it looks nauseating and I cannot handle all of that. Even though going up to space is not in my future, I enjoy learning and exploring astronomy.

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