Max’s A-Z Poem

I am athletic, and love to play basketball and just chill with my dogs. I am very energetic and funny, but I am generous when I give back. I bring happiness to my friends, but I know I am imperfect and try to give everyone joy in life. I try to act kind to a person I may be meeting for the first time. Laughing, making memories and noise, and being overly giggly are all activities that I like to do over the weekend. I bring a certain passion with the quick thinking and I.Q. that comes with basketball. I also love to relax and  start new trends during the school year because it is very unpredictable. Also, I am very wacky but must be xenodochial to every new person  because I haven’t had the chance to meet them. I am not a yucky  person but I am zany.

Max’s Commenting Rules

While commenting on someone’s post their are guidelines that must be followed.

-write a meaningful comment

-make sure comments are polite

-stay on topic

-don’t give away personal information

-comment in full sentences

-be respectful

-don’t be offensive